Strange But True: Giving a Condo to a Veteran Harder Than Expected

The owners of luxury condominium Eagles Point at the St. Croix, in Prescott, Wis., wanted to show their support for Minnesota troops. So they decided to donate a beautiful condo to one lucky veteran. A year later, they still have no takers.

They've tried to find a veterans' organization or other group to help them choose a veteran and arrange logistics. They've contacted more than a dozen organizations - from First Lady Mary Pawlenty's "Military Family Care Initiative" to the Minnesota Military Appreciation Fund to the national Troops First Foundation. They even tried the Minnesota Lottery. No one has come forward to help.

"The most common response we get is, 'It doesn't fit our mission,'" said Ken Miyamoto, sales manager for Eagles Point at the St. Croix, in Prescott, Wis. "We get all these pats on the back, but no one will help us do this. It's been really frustrating.''

Miyamoto and project owner Tom Meehan were watching news of the war in Iraq when they thought of the idea. They wanted to support the troops. They had hoped not only to help out a veteran, but to set an example to other developers to launch a bigger trend.

One of the primary concerns from the military and veterans groups is the possibility for hidden costs, either to the organization or the lucky recipient of the condo. Meehan and Miyamoto admit they're not familiar with the tax ramifications, either. All they know is there is a great place in the 43-unit complex waiting to fill a veteran's needs.

The floors, walls, cabinets and woodwork would be custom finished. Several Twin Cities trades groups have agreed to donate their time to make that happen. Meehan and Miyamoto are hoping that more organizations will step in to help out as well.

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