Strange-But-True: Home Sale Tactics

Bob Fanning is dying to sell his 5,600-square-foot home in Whitehall, Wisconsin. In fact, whoever buys his home will be named the beneficiary of a 10-year, $500,000 term life insurance policy. That means if 69-year old Fanning dies within ten years of the home’s sale, the purchase price of the $498,900 is covered.

No funny business, though. The insurance policy would only remain valid as long as the death is natural or by accident. There should be no interference on account of either party or the deal would be null and void.

What are the odds? Fanning said he has no current health problems, but both of his parents died before age 79, as did his sister. He even indicated that he would be willing to disclose his medical records to the future buyer.

What does his wife, Janice, say? "I'm always in awe of how he comes up with a different way of doing things. It's a perk for the house."

Though this is an odd incentive to throw in with the sale of the house, these types of strange deals are popping up all over the country. With real estate markets as saturated as they have been, sellers are finding progressively creative ways to make their homes stand out. From offering bonus luxury cars to $4,000 golf packages (for a home on a golf course), some home sellers in today’s market are really thinking outside the box.

Paul and Karen Kyles of Virginia Beach decided to advertise their home on the radio and internet. They struck a deal with a local radio station, which will receive a commission if the home sells. They’re webpage has received 4,000 hits, but as of March 23, they had not yet received an offer.

J.J. Rodgers is trying a new sales tactic of giving away her four-bedroom home in Red Feather Lakes, Colorado, in an essay contest. At the time of the articles, she had received 500 entries, each with their $100 entry fee. She hopes to have at least 2,000 entries when she judges the contest.

Though the examples in this article are extreme and not recommended, these tactics can get creative juices flowing in terms of marketing a home. Like with the home on the golf course, some homes lend themselves naturally to a unique marketing angle. For most people, these types of tactics are unreasonable.

On thing is for sure, if nothing else, these marketing ploys at least provide great water-cooler fodder!


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