Strange-But-True: Instead of Tearing Down, Donate Your Unwanted House

When the Schrank family decided to sell their Prior Lake home and property, they were horrified to find that the new buyer wanted to destroy the house and build a new one in its place. The Schrank's are now donating the home to Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity.

But it had to be moved to its new site before a new family can take residence in it. That was accomplished last week by Otting House Movers based in Lakeville:

The 30-Ton house, 64-feet in length, 32-feet in width took up both lanes of traffic, which created quite the chore Wednesday.  Crews had to cut branches from the tree-lined streets, Xcel Energy took down low power lines and some street signs were taken apart.

It took 4 hours to move the house 1.5 miles.

"It's always exciting to get a house donation, especially as rare as a donation that involves a house move," Sharon Rolenc said, from Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity.  "It will go to a family in very high need of affordable housing."

Habitat for Humanity say they have fulfilled less than 1% of house-moving requests.  The Schrank's house met their standards because it is energy-efficient and the move was close in proximity.  Because the house was donated, the new homeowners will get a discount as well.  A family will be selected in the Spring.

For people who are considering a tear down to build a new home, it may be worth consideration to call the local Habitat for Humanity and find out if it is possible to give the house to a new family.

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