Strange But True: Own a Piece of Minneapolis Skyway

An 83-foot piece of the Minneapolis skyway has been taken down from the sky and put up on the market. It could be yours for just $49,500.

This section of skyway was built in the late 1970s and spanned across 5th Street. It connected J.C. Penney and Powers department stores, which closed in the mid-1980s. Powers was leveled in 1993, and instead of taking down the skyway, it just sort-of dead-ended on the other side of the street. When light rail came, the skyway segment needed to go.

Minneapolis architect Ben Awes and his City Desk Studio partners offer in a Craigslist ad an array of possibilities for the 1,380-square-foot structure, all 140 tons of it sitting behind TCF Bank Stadium: office, bridge over a creek, ice rink warming house, etc.

"The one we are most excited about right now is a Minnesota State Fair booth," Awes said Thursday, two days after posting the ad with a starting price of $49,500. "Can't you imagine the Skyway Pronto Pup?"

It's made of steel, glass and concrete and it has duct work and lighting still in place. Some suggestions offered by the CraigsList ad include skating warming house, hunting lodge, or a cabin.

"Frankly, considering what cabins can cost on the North Shore," Awes said, "you can have the ultimate modern building on a world-class location."

There sure have been a lot of strange real estate stories lately. Really hope we get to find out how this skyway will be used in the future. This is the fourth time this particular section of skyway has been up for sale. Check out the article for the Craigslist link.

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