Strange But True: The Igloo and The Ice House

The cabin fever caused by winter's snowy weather and cold temperatures seem to have inspired some creativity. An igloo in Ohio and a house encased in ice in Detroit are drawing national headlines.

First, Jimmy Grey, of Aquilla, Ohio, has been out of work for almost a year. To keep himself busy, he took advantage of the heavy snowfally to build an extreme igloo in his family's yard. The "man cave" has 4 rooms, 6-foot tall ceilings, and an entertainment rooms with a flat-screen TV, cable, and surround sound. He says when he has friends over, cold temperatures mean the beer never gets warm.

Next, two artists who have encased one of Detroit's thousands of abandoned homes in ice, hoping to draw attention to the foreclosure and housing crisis that has battered the nation. Photographer Gregory Holm and architect Matthew Radune, of spent weeks spraying water on the home for the Ice House Detroit project. The city's foreclosure rate is among the country's highest. View pictures of this eerily beautiful ice encased home. You can also read the Ice House Detroit blog written by the artists.

They aren't conventional, but they certainly are strange and unique. Stay tuned for the next "Strange But True."

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