Bryn Mawr

Architectural Style – Victorian Queen Anne

The Victorian Queen Anne style became an architectural fashion in the 1880s and 1890s.  The industrial revolution brought new technologies that enabled builders to use pre-cut exterior trim that had been mass produced to create whimsical looking houses. Victorian Queen Anne homes often have round or square towers, turrets, wrap-around porches, and other fanciful details. Queen Anne houses may also have a steep roof, front facing gables, an asymmetrical shape, bay windows, and ornamental spindles and brackets.  The house shown below is an excellent example of Victorian Queen Anne style architecture. There are many houses built in this style for sale in the Bryn Mawr neighborhood of Minneapolis.


Minneapolis' Calhoun Isle Community Highlights

On the west-central side of Minneapolis, the beautiful Calhoun Isle Community is a dichotomy, with large, lovely, architecturally stunning houses alongside the tree-filled, natural landscapes surrounding the Chain of Lakes. The Calhoun Isle community is best-known for the Uptown district, Lake Calhoun and Lake of the Isles. Few areas of the city are as readily embracing of nature, with parks and trails running throughout the neighborhoods that comprise this community. The juxtaposition of Uptown’s trendiness with the scenic surroundings of the lakes is an unusual pairing indeed. A supply of well-maintained, older homes contributes to the desirability of this community among families, professionals, singles, and retirees alike.

Bryn - Mawr - In the northwest corner of the Calhoun Isle community lays the neighborhood of Bryn Mawr. The borders of the neighborhood include some parkland, with Theodore Wirth Park as the border to the north and west, Basset Creek to the north, Bryn Mawr Meadows to the east, and Cedar Lake Park in the south. The neighborhood was named by the early investors who came to the area, many of whom arrived from Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. The Bryn Mawr area is an upscale neighborhood, with a high percentage of executives and professionals working out of their homes. The commercial district of Bryn Mawr provides these busy professionals and the rest of the residents with many of their daily needs. Surrounded by parkland, there is plenty of activities and green space available for children and adults alike.

Lowry Hill – In the northeast corner of the Calhoun Isle community is the Lowry Hill neighborhood. Lowry Hill neighborhood is enclosed by I-394 on the north, Interstate 94/Hennepin Avenue on the east, 22nd Street on the south, and Lake of the Isles Parkway, Logan Avenue and Morgan Avenue on the west. This area...