Ten Reasons to Buy a New Home

One of the first decisions you make when you begin to look a buying a home is whether to buy new or purchase an existing house. While there are some advantages to purchasing a resale home, here we will discuss many benefits of buying a new home.

1. New Home Pricing. Though the price of a new home may be higher than the price of an existing one, a new home is likely to need fewer repairs or replacements. Also, if you buy a new home in a desirable neighborhood or location, the value may increase even more and you will likely sell your home for a higher price than when you bought it if you decide to move.

2. A Well Planned Neighborhood. Builders incorporate desirable amenities such as recreation areas, neighborhood clubhouses, swimming pools, playgrounds, sidewalks, and paved trails into new communities. Do you seek to live among older residents, families with young children, or in an area that encourages an active lifestyle? New home buyers get to choose what type of community they want to live in as well as their home site or unit. Choose a home at the end of a cul-de-sac if you desire to live around minimal traffic. Perhaps a home situated near a park is what you seek? The location is your choice.

3. Modern Design. New and better ways of constructing homes are being developed every day. Likewise, consumer trends change and builders respond by drafting floorplans to accommodate modern client needs, like oversized family rooms, larger closets, built-in media niches, and large, up-to-date kitchens.

4. Warranties. A new home comes with a builder’s limited warranty, which is something an older home cannot provide. A warranty typically covers new appliances, carpets, mechanical equipment, and overall construction, such as roofing and siding. As with all warranties, they don’t last forever but they can cover various items for one to ten years!

5. Energy Efficiency. With modern insulation, better windows, and more efficient heating and cooling systems, new homes are much more energy efficient than an existing home. Also, new homebuilders are required to meet stricter energy codes than in the past. This is an enormous cost-saving benefit when one considers the price of oil and fuels these days.

6. Modern Wiring. With the popularity of home computers, media centers, surround sound systems, and other modern technologies, new homes are typically wired to accommodate electrical components that weren’t around when scores of existing homes were built.

7. Health Conscious Construction. New homes may offer health advantages, as they are built with modern building materials. Contaminants that may exist in a resale home, such as asbestos or lead paint, are nonexistent within a new home.

8. Modern Appliances. Homebuilders are able to offer the latest state-of-the-art equipment at the time of a new home’s completion. Dishwashers, stoves, microwaves, refrigerators, all fully installed with modern water and energy standards.

9. Low Maintenance. The latest in building materials also translates into the ultimate in convenience for new home buyers. New homes are practically maintenance-free for up to ten years and in some cases, beyond.

10. A New Home Is All Yours. When you purchase a newly constructed home, you have a hand in creating the home you desire, instead of having to change the home to your preference. From the flooring to the appliances, all aspects of the home can be fit to your tastes from the day you move in.

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