Test Your Twin Cities Home for Radon

The state of Minnesota now requires sellers to disclose any radon testing performed on their home and whether or not a mitigation system was recommended.
 Since radon is such a hot topic in the news, we're seeing more and more buyers request radon testing before they purchase a home.

Radon is a colorless, odorless gas that comes up from the ground. Radon is found in all areas of the country, but it's commonplace in Minnesota and Wisconsin due to the local soil and bedrock. About two in five homes in our area have elevated levels of radon! Yikes!

Radon is hazardous and causes lung cancer. In fact, it's the second leading cause of lung cancer, behind cigarettes. You absolutely should test your home for radon to find out if you have elevated radon levels.

If you do have elevated radon levels, you can install a mitigation system. The price depends on the size of your foundation and what type of home you have, but an average mitigation system costs $1,300. Homes built after 2009 have a passive mitigation system already installed. All you have to do is add a fan, which is relatively inexpensive.

Radon needs to be taken seriously. Although this new regulation can make a home challenging to sell, it helps buyers learn more about a property before making an offer.

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