The Furniture Diet

No, this isn't the latest California weight loss program... However, eliminating furniture pieces from your room may be beneficial when it comes to selling a home!

Rooms hosting extra large furniture items or too many furniture pieces will create two negative side-effects: 1) the room will appear cluttered and chaotic, and 2) the room will appear smaller than it should. 


This large living room appears crowded due to the over-sized furniture and the numerous pieces. Buyers will appreciate the spaciousness of this room since the furniture is over-powering the space.

This layout also cuts off the natural traffic pattern from the living room to the family room. Although functional, buyers are left to navigate around the far side furniture making for an akward transition between rooms.


Removing the love seat and adding a small-scale chair, space is visible around the furniture pieces which creates a more spacious feeling in the room.

Rugs are great to section off areas; however, in this case, removing the rug instantly increases the visual floor space resulting (again) in a spacious feeling.

With the new arrangement, easy pathways are created in and out of the room.

Even though buyers are not purchasing your furnishings, these items will set the atmosphere in your home that buyers will remember. Removing unneeded furniture will help to create an open layout that is stylish and inviting.

So, forget about counting calories and carbohydrates. Put on your spandex and headband, and get your exercise by following the Furniture Diet!

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