The Pros Advantage is Taking Advantage of You!

Warning: Stay away from The Pros Advantage!

Today we received an inquiry through our website: that was alarming.  Someone thought we had stolen their website architecture...but the reality is they were swindled!  What's even worse, the person who was swindled is a local agent in our company.  Unbelievable.  I feel bad for the agent who was ripped off because he had no way of knowing that the Pros Advantage is a bunch of deadbeats.  Help us spread the word! Read more about what happened here.

Be warned:  "The Pros Advantage" is nothing more than a scam company that rips off designs and sells them as their own.  The reason I give this as a warning is that when you buy one of these ripped off designs, you risk being sued by the copyright owner! Don't believe me?  Click here to read more about what the Pros Advantage did wrong!

Webmasters that Do the RIGHT Thing:

Today I am even more confident in my decision to trust my website technology to the guru's at!  Morgan Carey and his crew are honest, trustworthy, creative, and knowledgeable and they don't deserve to have their hard work blatantly copied and sold as cheap imitations!  Keep up the good work Real Estate Webmasters!

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