The Weird Factor

Because I’m new around here at the Barker & Hedges blog, I’ll share a little bit about myself.  One thing that important to know about me is that I like weird stuff. Weird news, odd facts, strange structures…  I have particularly liked the Strange-But-True real estate stories that have been highlighted in this blog:

So, imagine my giddiness when I found this post at Twin Cities Tour Guide. It is the master post for its ongoing “Twin Cities Weird List.” It has some very interesting information in it, like did you know that the Twin Cities is home to the first and only “suspension building” in the word?  You’ve heard of the bridge to nowhere, but were you aware there is a skyway in Minneapolis to nowhere?  And a close inspection will reveal that the Pillsbury ‘A’ Mill has an unusual feature that wasn’t intended.

I’m not quite sure how I stumble upon the Twin Cities Tour Guide blog, but I look forward to reading more posts about popular and lesser-known metropolitan locations.

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