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Matt Barker & Brandon Hedges-Re/Max Results (Professional Profile)

Broker Agent Magazine

By Susan Cushing

Realtors are essentially very good jugglers who understand the object of the game, which of course is to keep it all moving without allowing anything to fall.

“It’s a balancing act,” observes Matt Barker of ReMax Results Realty, “Just finding the hours in the day is tricky enough, but then just when you think you’ve figured it all out, something else comes along.  However if you have the right system it can be done.”

Business partner, and co-juggler, Brandon Hedges agrees, “We refer to it as our ‘Team Approach’ which is effective not only in guaranteeing the best possible service for our clients, but has restored sanity to our private lives.”

Last year at this time, things were not quite so efficient for Matt and Brandon.  They were certainly busy enough, but there didn’t seem to be any time for the other aspects of their lives.

“That’s when we met Dena,” explains Matt.  Dena Hodnet, and intelligent, organized, and best of all, fully licensed real estate agent, was exactly what was missing.

“Handling the day-to-day details of closings, communications with clients, and maintaining client database, Dena keeps everything in the office up and running,” notes Matt.  “This in turn, allows Brandon and I the time and opportunity to take care of other business essentials such as: listing properties, showing homes, and meeting with clients.”

“This Team Approach has proven very effective in providing the ultimate in service to our clients,” notes Brandon.  “By sharing our duties amongst three, licensed agents, we are able to stagger our schedules so that our clients have access to one of us 7-days a week and each team member can now enjoy one or two days off.”

For her part, Dena seemed equally pleased with the arrangement.  “It’s great working with two professionals who are genuinely nice people,” she says.  It’s obvious they really care about their clients.  I’ve seen them come in early, stay late, and take phone numbers home with them just so they can follow-up with someone they had talked to earlier.”

“I love my part in the big picture,” she continues.  “I have the opportunity to get to know our clients and be a service to them.  I’m the one they call if they start to get nervous during the waiting period, if they have concerns, or just a question.  It’s a good feeling to know that I’m helping out.”

This corresponds to “The Team’s overall philosophy.  According to Matt, “Buying and selling a home is both an emotional and exciting event.  Because we take this to heart, we meet with each client individually to devise a plan of action whether they are listing their home, looking to buy, or both!”

“Our motto is, ‘Service with Integrity”, adds Brandon, “and we firmly believe that being respectful to our clients and offering superior service has allowed us to enjoy the kind of growth that we hope will continue into the future.”

Matt and Brandon are both under 20 so they feel an added burden to prove to their clients they have the same dedication, experience, and knowledge as agents twice their age. “We have to be quicker, more aggressive, and work longer and harder,” says Matt, ”just to prove that we are deserving of their trust.”

“In reality,” notes Brandon, “age shouldn’t be a factor. In fact, there are people in any business including real estate, who once they reach a certain level and stop trying. Just because someone is older does not guarantee they’re better or more qualified. If anything, being young, energetic, and anxious to make our mark on the world gives Matt and I a bit of an advantage.”

They are smart enough to play upon their strengths which includes an intimate knowledge and understanding of virtually every part of the Twin Cities.  “Our extensive expertise regarding this  market has helped us transition from buyers specialists to a full service real estate team with more that 72 transactions in just this past year,” says Matt.

Some services such as their “First Time Home Buying Seminars” are indicative of their unique interest in first-time homebuyers.

“We understand and enjoy the enthusiasm of the first time homebuyer,” adds Brandon.  “We’ve made it a point to become well-versed in various creative financing options available so that people who thought they might not be able to buy their first home are often pleasantly surprised.”

Matt agrees, “We take particular pleasure in working with buyers who haven’t had the time or earning capability to save thousands of dollars for a down-payment,” he says.  “Focusing on first time home buyers has allowed us to build a client base that we look forward to serving for  many years, and hopefully many generations of families.”