Downtown Minneapolis Real Estate

Minneapolis has made great efforts in recent years to keep its downtown area thriving and to attract new businesses and residents. Today, the center of Minnesota’s largest city is an attractive place to live, work and play – regardless of the weather.

A spate of development – mainly condos and lofts - in the last few years has meant more and more people living in the downtown area. Particularly popular are areas along the river, offering both stunning river views and access to downtown.

Many new downtown properties also offer easy access to the city’s skyway system as a selling point. The average home price in the city as a whole is around $260,000 and the average square footage is around 1600 sq feet.

In and around downtown can be found most of the city’s major attractions – including the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, the Metrodome and the Walker Arts Center. Downtown boasts a small theater district on Hennepin Avenue, and Nicollet Avenue is known as “Eat Street” due to its ethnic restaurants. Shopping thrives in downtown – over 2 million square feet.

Traveling to or within downtown Minneapolis is easy - the city boasts an enviable bus and rail network. And according to the Environmental Protection Agency, downtown Minneapolis ranked one of the best workplaces for commuters in a 2005 survey.

And don’t forget the skyways – a unique system of overhead enclosed walkways which stretch for seven miles, linking most of the major shops, businesses and hotels downtown.