North Minneapolis Real Estate

North Minneapolis is a community in the north end of Minneapolis, Minnesota and is commonly known as Near North. North Minneapolis is comprised of six smaller neighborhoods –

Harrison is located to the west of downtown Minneapolis and is bounded by Olson Memorial Highway, Interstate 94, Bassett Cree and Theodore Wirth Park.

Hawthorne is another one of the North Minneapolis communities and has the boundaries of Lowry Avenue North, the Mississippi River, West Broadway and Emerson Avenue.

Jordan’s boundaries are Lowry Avenue North, Emerson Avenue North and West Broadway.

Also in North Minneapolis are the neighborhoods of Near North, Sumner-Glenwood and Willard-Hay.

North Minneapolis real estate is predominately multi and single family homes with a small smattering of businesses and some industrial mixed in. However, the area is largely middle class and upper middle class due to its location and commuting distance to the core of Minneapolis.

The houses are split quite evenly between rental properties and owned properties and this is likely due to the proximity to downtown Minneapolis, ensuring that this area of North Minneapolis is one of the best places to live, especially if someone in the family proper works in the downtown core or close to it. North Minneapolis is close to and contains many amenities, making North Minneapolis a great neighborhood choice for families.